Yoga Class Schedule

Classes are 1.5 hours in length, with a 10 week quarter, one for each season of the year. There is also a rhythm of shorter workshops, in philosophy and various yoga texts, more concentrated focus into an area of the body such as hips, shoulders or back, pranayama or yogic breathing, as well as various other subjects. These workshops are generally 3 to 5 hours long. Elizabeth also teaches in joint yoga and meditation workshops and retreats occasionally.See the Class and Workshop schedule for current offerings Elizabeth prefers to enroll students for a full quarter of weekly class with as consistent participation as possible. This fosters a sense of sangha, or community that greatly enriches our practice with one another and the support and fellowship we develop in collective practice. Regularity of attendance also encourages rooted, well informed and diligent practice that may be lost in a more haphazard schedule. However, drop-in arrangements are possible. Please inquire.
All props are supplied at each studio, though students may prefer to bring their own mats. Elizabeth currently teaches at her home studio, 19 miles from Bellingham in the foothills of the Cascades. Her studio with radiant heat flooring, a view of the Nooksack River and the Twin Sisters mountains offers a peaceful sanctuary for yoga practice. 8 Petals Studio is her Bellingham location at 1317 Commercial Street, where she teaches in a lovely studio in the heart of downtown Bellingham.
Consult the Calendar Page for more information.

Beginners : In this level, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of alignment in Iyengar yoga practice, with an emphasis on working safely and effectively to achieve greater flexibility and strength. Students will also be invited into the riches of yoga philosophy, as well as various techniques for learning to focus attention more fully, to achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Continuing: In this level, students "continue" with the studies of yoga as described in the Beginners definition above; emphasis shifts to broadening and deepening in the poses, including more work with inversions, forward bends, twists and back bends. I like to use the word continuing to point towards the ongoing unfoldment in practice that brings gradual flowering without aggression, through dedicated, ongoing and self aware practice. We work towards greater inner freedom and peace as much as we develop in our knowledge and achievement  of more proficiency in the poses.

Mixed Levels: In these classes, students who are experienced "mix" with beginners, and there will be times where people are practicing at different levels due to the need to accommodate all who are attending.

Note: Please consult with me to determine appropriate level of class for your needs; any student with serious physical impairments should check in advance to see which classes will be suitable and of benefit.