Elizabeth Kerwin, M.A. Counseling Psychology
At times of natural life transitions, such as adolescence or midlife, we may find we have a more challenging time understanding how to navigate our lives well and purposefully. For various other reasons, such as a major loss, physical ailment, relationship difficulty, addiction, loss of meaning, economic distress and so forth, we may experience such symptoms as anxiety or depression, and desire assistance to find the way back towards equilibrium.  For certain individuals, investigation into true life purpose and understanding what path is beckoning, provides relief from a plaguing despair.  In my work in all of these arenas, I have found that insight gained through conversation and deeper self-inquiry prompted by meaningful interaction with a professional, followed by a structured rhythm of regular self-reflection contributes to finding one’s way. With most individuals, writing, meditation, yoga or other specific practices outside our scheduled meetings, contribute profoundly towards healing, and to shifts in difficult or even debilitating patterns. I conceptualize the therapist and client to be in a mutual relationship wherein I offer guidance and expertise, which the client utilizes to create noticeable change.  I am trained in various forms of mind body therapies which presuppose that our inner work relies on multiple dimensions of the human self harmonizing to create sustainable, embodied transformation. Some of the forms I work with include Authentic Movement, yoga and meditation, and pranayama, breathing exercises that address specific conditions. At times our verbal and intellectual selves keep us in counterproductive patterns, and the engagement with alternative modalities catapults us into clearer movement towards change. Communication difficulties may be a source of confusion and pain for an individual, which can be mitigated by careful investigation into underlying dysfunctional ways of interacting. I draw from numerous arenas of my own training to assist individuals, couples, families and groups, to discover and enact clear, compassionate and intentional forms of speaking which contribute greatly to more ease individually, and in relationship to others. I have been mentored extensively in Council, Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle’s form of mindful and compassionate deep listening and expression, as well as various forms of nonviolent communication.  I hold a Masters Degree in counseling Psychology, am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and hold a an Iyengar Yoga Teaching Certificate, and have engaged in much postgraduate education, as my life as a student perpetually informs my work as a teacher, mentor and psychotherapist.