Below are 'Links' to other helpful websites:

  • Studio Atzen - The designer of this website
  • Intertwined Designs - Yoga Apparel and conscious clothing
  • Blog - Keep up to date with Elizabeth Kerwin
  • The national Iyengar Association - find practice sequences, articles, and events as well as a link to the Iynaus store, there is also a regional association for the Northwest which you can locate through the national website.
  • - MAHER: A vision where, through sheer love, understanding and caring, distressed and traumatized women and children from rural India, are given hope and the right to a better life, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • Slum Doctor Programme - founded on the principles of hope and justice in support of people living in Africa with HIV/AIDS. We have five project sites in partnership with organizations in Kenya and Uganda with the common goal of improving the lives of widows, orphans, vulnerable children and others impacted by AIDS.
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